BOMBSHELL: Rosa Parks’ Granddaughter Reveals Martin Luther King ‘Tried To Rape My Grandmother’ (DETAILS)

Liberals love to use the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to promote their agenda, but he’s really not all that great. Not only was he a tax cheat who was investigated by the FBI who cheated on his wife with multiple women, but he was also an attempted rapist — and one of his victims was also a well-known civil rights figure.

In a speech at Cornell University on Martin Luther King Day, Anita Baulrab-Parks — granddaughter of legendary civil rights figure Rosa Parks — revealed that King sexually assaulted her grandmother at a civil rights rally in Birmingham in 1967.

“Recently, we’ve been seeing hashtag metoo,” Baulrab-Parks said. “But my grandmother isn’t here, so I’ll do it for her. Rosa Parks wrote in her diary that King ‘made numerous sexual advances’ and ‘became very forceful’ when he visited her at an event they both spoke at in June 1967.”

“My grandmother isn’t here to demand justice, but I am,” she continued, adding that “it is way past time that we stop celebrating that evil, evil man.”

Many have been pushing for an end to Martin Luther King Day for quite some time because it is a celebration of an anti-white racist who defrauds the government and cheated on his wife with numerous women, but Baulrab-Parks’ revelation adds a whole new level to this liberal hero’s creep factor.