BREAKING: Doug Jones Concedes: ‘There’s No Way I’m Gonna Win’

Alabama’s Democrat candidate for Senate conceded to his team this morning that he is not going to win the election.

Doug Jones called a meeting this morning to thank his campaign team for all of their hard work…and to let them go. According to his top political advisor, Roger Dorman, Jones is ready for the race to be over:

“Doug is just sick about the fact that a child rapist is going to beat him and that the good people of his state are going to allow it to happen, but after this mornings polling he just doesn’t see a path to victory.

Doug is the best candidate for the job but instead, here in the age of Trump, we’re going to get an imbecile who believes Jesus should rule over government and that it’s OK to date teenagers because the bible calls 12-year-olds ‘women.’”

The statement is about as inflammatory as it gets, but when has that ever stopped a Democrat.

Moore says he won’t concede officially until the networks call a winner, but he doesn’t plan to spend the day searching for votes he won’t get.

Republicans who were concerned that they may not get to vote because of work or other reasons can rest a little easier this morning; our guy is gonna win.