BREAKING NEWS From ALABAMA!! She Was Just Found Dead Outside Her Home!

An Alabama woman was left for dead in front of her home and there’s reason to believe it was a drastic setup. The victim was a wife and mother of two children. She was last seen in a liquor store buying alcohol just eight hours before she was possibly set up and left on the ground for her friends and family to find. It was a gruesome scene that posed to be one of the most grisly things their family has ever seen.

Her name is Kathleen West, and she was only 42-years-old before she was wickedly murdered. She was found face down and dressed in just a sports bra. She was bleeding profusely from her head, and there was a bottle of alcohol next to her. Her cell phone was near her body as well. The police are investigating this as a homicide, but have not released the official cause of her death just yet. They could be waiting to release that information as they review security tapes from the liquor store and other evidence that was possibly found on West’s phone or at the scene of the alleged crime.

Her husband’s name is Jeff, and he’s “an unsworn Birmingham Southern College campus police officer.” He did not comment right away about his wife’s passing. It is also not known if he was in the home at the time the alleged crime occurred. The couple has a 12-year-old daughter, and we are also unsure of her location at the time of West’s passing.

West was a mother, wife, and something else. She was also a model who posed risque photos on the Internet and had her website where members could pay a monthly fee to “see more” of her. West maintained a Facebook account but used it mostly for friends and family. West’s Twitter account posted a few more racy pictures than usual, mostly as a means to advertise her website to subscribers. Her website name was “Kitty Kat West,” and some people believe her profession as a possible adult model could be connected to her possible murder. Others disagree. Some don’t see a connection between her job and her loss of life.

Daily Mail reported more information on the grisly crime:

“Calera Police Chief Sean Lemley said West’s case is being treated as a homicide but has not revealed the cause of her death.

West was found dead in the street outside her family home in Calera, Alabama, on January 13 around 5am. Police have not released any new details, leaving neighbors baffled as to what is going on in the case.

According to, investigators spent most of January 13 at West’s home and have worked around the clock since then.

Calera Police Chief Lemley refused to answer questions about West’s death when contacted by

And recently, the department announced that Lemley will no longer take media questions on the case.

The married mother-of-one was wearing just a sports bra and was lying face down, bleeding from the head when she was found dead on January 13.

A neighbor who found her said there was a cell phone lying nearby which had a bottle of liquor strategically placed on top of it.

Police have not yet made any arrests and are refusing to answer questions on the case. The case is being treated as a homicide but the cause of death has not been revealed and no arrests have been made.

The woman’s 44-year-old husband, Jeff, who she described as being in the military on social media, has not commented and it is not known if he was inside the home when she died or when she was found.

The neighbor who found Dawn has not spoken out, but her father recalled her making the grisly discovery.

He said that when she found Dawn in the street, she rushed back inside to get her father. He came outside and touched her back to see if she was breathing and called 911 when he realized she was not.

Lemley said in a statement at the time: ‘The Calera Police Department is conducting investigation.

‘The victim, Kathleen Dawn West, was discovered deceased early this morning.’

‘This case is still on-going and no other information can be released at this time,’ he said.

‘We made it private due to the fact of the media coverage and from people stalking the family then posting on Facebook in the local area,” Jeff West posted on Facebook Monday night.

‘To the public, our tragedy is juicy gossip and with the family reading all negative and unfounded comments, we have decided not to speak to any media outlets at this time because we don’t want our tragedy to be public entertainment.’”

The floating theories that exist paint several possible scenarios. One is that her husband killed her and it was possibly due to connections with the adult work. Perhaps she was cheating with a “customer” or offering services that her husband did not agree with. Perhaps a client killed her when she refused to do something. It could be a customer of her website that found out where she lived, then tried to access her and was denied. It could be someone that she invited over to take pictures with, and it failed.

And of course, it could have been a complete stranger who killed her. There are so many possible scenarios that we can discuss, but the police will be the ones who figure it out and inform the public if there’s an arrest or evidence that leads to one.