David Hogg Tries To Attack NRA’s Dana Loesch On Twitter But Gets Instantly Humiliated

Parkland student David Hogg has made headlines for his cruel attacks against Conservatives and gun-supporters. He has claimed that the NRA is responsible for killing children. And he tries to get anyone fired who stands up against him. He recently attacked NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesh. But it did not end well for him.

The Twitter conversation started with a tweet from Jimmy Kimmel writer Molly McNearney. “Currently 9 states require Universal background checks. There are loopholes for gun shows (private sellers without a federal license don’t have to meet the same requirement) So no, they’re not in place nationally. NRA bought politicians sell your safety. SAD,” tweeted McNearney.

“No, there are no loopholes. Sales are federally regulated and 18 USC 922 details such. Breaking the law is a criminal act, not a “loophole,”” responded Loesh. And then along came David Hogg.

“Your 501c3 status is a loophole. The president of the NRA makes about 4.5 million a year. IDK about you but that doesn’t sound like a non-profit to me,” responded Hogg. Clearly his comment is just ignorant and uneducated, and twitter was quick to let him know.

“Non-profit doesn’t mean what you think it means. But I’m sure you’re equally as concerned with the 501(c)(3) status of Planned Parenthood who gets 1/2 billion dollars in Federal subsidies each year AND still turns a profit,” responded one user. “Planned Parenthood is a 501c3 too … if you want to start something then let’s do it,” wrote another.