Megyn Kelly Shares Story Of Her Pregnancy In Order To Attack NRA Over Shooting

Megyn Kelly went on a long and awful rant against the NRA after the Florida shooting. Because of course, it’s all their fault. She then started talking about her pregnancy as a way to attack the NRA.

“There have been at least 12 — at least 12 — school shootings in America so far in 2018,” said Kelly. Already she is giving horribly flawed information.

“It’s February 15. We’re averaging one just about every three or four days. How we doing, America? Everyone okay with that? Apparently the answer is in fact yes because we haven’t done virtually anything to stop it. We haven’t done virtually anything. We all know what is about to happen right now, don’t we?” said Kelly.

“We’re going to say how sorry and shocked and sad we are, and then we’re going to move on without doing anything. And then we’ll express how sorry and shocked and sad we are at the next one, and the one after that. Does anyone really think that we are going to do anything about these mass murders?” she said.

“Five years ago I was live on the air and pregnant with my third child when 20 first graders were shot to death in school in Newtown, Connecticut. That was the one. That was the one where we all thought now we will do something. Now we have to change. But we didn’t. In fact, since Newtown, there have been nearly 300 school shootings in America, about one a week,” she argued. How does she still have a TV show?