Obama Is Running A Terrorist Training Camp Right Here In The USA

National Security Advisor Colonel Jason Gibbons tasked his team last week with finding out what was going on in Southeast California at 6K feet above sea-level. When Predator drones began returning pictures like the one above, his staff became alarmed.

Now, with evidence that a camp on a plateau between Mt. Marandy and Mt. Loshton is training “security specialists” for a company owned by Barack Obama, they’ve become downright suspicious. As a security company with a federal firearms permit to train with automatic weapons, all of the trainees have to be listed in a report filed with the ATF. That report lists four instructors and a dozen students, all with impeccable records.

What it doesn’t list is what the drone found: more than 500 men, most with beards and some form of “headdress” on, are training in the hills of California in plain clothes with automatic weapons. Not a single one of them is there legally. According to the California Secretary of State:

“NOS Inc is a reputable company with distinguished owners. Nobody is buying into the hype that Obama is a terrorist Muslim Commie Fascist. That’s for the Tea Partiers in the South to fantasize about. We won’t be investigating or issuing any warrants to search for what one aide thinks are people and 40 others think are shrubs.”

He’s obviously covering for his Democrat buddy Obama. The next step for Gibbons’ team will be to send federal agents to investigate what will most certainly be an empty camp by the time they get there:

“The Secretary’s statement was out of line and compromised a federal investigation. We may be back to square one.”

Nobody is publicizing this disaster. Obama may have yet again dodged a bullet.