Trey Gowdy Eviscerates Liberal Media For Spreading A Vicious Lie About Don Jr.s Opposition Research [Video]

During an interview with Fox & Friends, Trey Gowdy eviscerated the liberal media for attacking Don Jr.. Don Jr. accepted a meeting with a Russian lawyer who promised opposition research on Hillary Clinton during the election. Is this the big ‘collusion’ revelation that Democrats have been wishing for? Nope. Trey Gowdy explains why.

Gowdy was asked if Don Jr. did anything illegal. ““No, I don’t even think he did anything improper,” responded Gowdy. “Differing minds can quibble about whether you should accept an offer to provide oppo-research. Keep in mind the DNC was paying $10 million to do oppo-research on Trump,” explained Gowdy.

Gowdy went on to discuss who is actually corrupt. As far as who is actually corrupt, Gowdy was complementary of most rank and file FBI agents, but highly critical of the agency’s leadership.

“The higher-ups have had a really bad two years,” said Gowdy. “Whose reputations are under assault, not the line agents. Congress should not have to fight with the FBI to access information that we’re entitled to. We should not have to threaten Contempt of Congress. I want the information we are entitled to to be able to do our jobs,” said Gowdy.

 “It’s not just Strzok, that’s the latest, I’m afraid Strzok is not going to be the last, I think there will be other revelations of bias and prejudice and improper conduct from the Department of Justice, so my first question to him is what are you going to do to repair not congresses trust but the American people’s trust and that blind-folded woman holding a set of scales,” explained Gowdy. Check out the video below.