White House Reporter Who Criticized Sarah Sanders’ Pie, Goes on Christmas Counterplot Rant

With Christmas just around the corner, April Ryan felt so compelled to express her thrill about being left out of the White House Christmas party celebration, she even made an entire video about it.

“No, I wasn’t invited, and I am so good!” Ryan puffed on YouTube. “I had not planned to go anyway.”

Ryan then engaged in a pity party created by herself, in efforts to gain America’s sympathies.

“The White House has placed a target on my head,” the CNN contributor bloviated. “I will not break bread with someone who considers me the enemy and puts a target on my head.”

One of the first establishments to protest the event was NCC, which makes it weird that Ryan would make such a drama of it. For White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, this was a cause for celebration, so she even tweeted about it.

April Ryan stated she was made the White House’s  persona non grata, despite facts that she constantly tried to undermine Trump’s administration.

Ryan became infamous among Americans a couple of weeks ago, after she put Sarah Huckabee Sanders in the hot seat, criticizing her for not baking her own pecan pie for Thanksgiving.

“Show it to us on a table,” Ryan demanded.  As you wish, madam.

Sanders and Ryan had a little moment prior to that after she tried slamming Trump’s office for encouraging slavery.

Ryan is not a fan of Republicans, and she even picked up a fight with White House official Omarosa Manigault that almost got out of hand.

And we wonder why she wasn’t invited.

Ryan also made a fool of herself after mistaking “net worth” for “annual income.” They do raise them poorly over at CNN.