William Shatner Eviscerates Democratic Politician For Using His Image In Her Campaign, It’s Epic

Democratic candidate for the Texas state House, Brandy Chambers took a photo with famous Star Trek actor William Shatner. In her campaign, she tried to show off her personality by showing off the photo. William Shatner was furious that this Democrat was using him as a part of her campaign.

“I actually said, ‘If it bothers you that your leader geeks out when she meets Captain Kirk, then maybe I’m not the leader for you.’ And there was my picture with me and Captain Kirk,” explained Chambers in an interview. However, the fan photo made its way to Shatner and he was furious.

“Hey @winemind17 using a convention picture in a political ad is NOT ALLOWED That implies endorsement which never will happen. Please remove my photo and destroy all copies of whatever this is immediately. Am I clear?” tweeted Shatner.

At first Chambers was calm. “I sincerely apologize for offending you. If you would read the piece where the picture was featured, you would see there is no endorsement but an honor of you and going to Comic-cons. In fact, it is clear we don’t know each other,” tweeted Chambers. But then things took a dark turn.

“Sorry you don’t stand for women’s rights and education,” she wrote to Shatner. Shatner got the final word. “It was unfortunate she tried to shame me instead of just complying with my wishes that she not include my image in her political advertisements. I just fired back with the same vitriol she showed. I am happy to learn she has deleted my image from her website, and it appears that the matter is at an end,” said Shatner.